Thanksgiving Wine Pairings 2020

Not sure which of our wines will pair with your Thanksgiving dinner? Here are some ideas to help you decide!



"Bloom" 2019 Gewürztraminer Pét-Nat / Fried Turkey, Green Bean Casserole Topped with Fried Onions 
Start your meal off right with a bottle of bubbly! "Bloom" is dry & refreshing, just like Champagne. Sip on its own to celebrate before your meal, or pair with salty or fried foods. The sparkling aspect will cut through fattiness & its dryness pairs nicely with salt.

"Blossom" 2019 Malbec Pét-Nat / Turkey (Dark Meat) & Mushrooms, Lamb with Mint Jelly 
Dry, bubbly, rich, & dark - our sparkling red wine "Blossom" is a strong pairing with rich flavorful meat like lamb or dark meat on turkey.


2019 Gewürztraminer / Roasted Turkey & Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Creamed Corn, Roasted Carrots or Squash 
This is the most versatile white wine for Thanksgiving. Aromatic, off-dry, a silky mouthfeel, with hints of lychee. A crowd-pleaser on its own or with food! It pairs with the juices of your turkey, the savory herbs in your stuffing, the saltiness & richness of your mashed potatoes & gravy, & the slight sweetness in your corn, carrots, & squash. 

2019 Viognier / Honey Ham, Pumpkin Pie & Whipped Cream, Sweet Potatoes & Marshmallow 
The honey, pear, & apricot flavors of the wine is harmonious with sweet & savory ham, & the baking spices/creamy sweetness of the desserts. 


2019 Rosé / Turkey with Cranberry Sauce, Shrimp Cocktail 
Slightly sweet, aromatic, with a bit of acidity, this pink wine pairs well with white meat turkey & fruity cranberries, or a cold, refreshing shrimp cocktail as an appetizer. 


2018 Sangiovese / Smoked Turkey with Roasted Root Vegetables 
If you plan on smoking your turkey, this is the red wine for you! The hint of wood smoke in the wine will pair seamlessly with anything smoked or roasted.

2017 Merlot / Beef Wellington, Roast Duck, Mac & Cheese with Cheddar
Dark fruit flavors & oak aged, this wine pairs well with rich, fatty meats & flavorful cheddar cheese.

Vintner's BlendThis is the best red wine to pair with your entire Thanksgiving dinner! Light enough to pair with your starches, yet bold enough to go with your meats, look no further for a red that will satisfy all! 

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon / Steak with Bacon Brussel Sprouts
This red loves anything bold, rich, tangy, fatty, & salty - perfect if you're having steak for Thanksgiving.

Signature Blend / Rosemary Roast Beef, Turkey (Dark Meat), Steak, Lamb, or Venison 
A red wine fit for a celebration! Full bodied, dark, & complex - this wine is perfect with rich meats.


2019 "Seaside Sweet" / Super sweet & delicious, have it on its own as your liquid dessert, or pair with Baked Apple Turnover with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.

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