Christmas Holiday Wine Pairings 2021


"Blush" 2020 Rosé Pét-Nat Sugar Cookies, or Brie Cheese Biscuits
A holiday celebration isn't complete without some sparkle! Refreshing & dry, "Blush" is like Champagne! Pop open a bottle before the meal, or sip & snack on sugar cookies to add sweetness, or brie cheese biscuits for a savory appetizer. 


2019 Gewürztraminer / Gingerbread Cookies, or Roasted Turkey & Mashed Potatoes or Seafood (especially with curry flavor)
Slightly sweet, aromatic, with a hint of spice - this white wine will pair with almost everything at your holiday table! For your main courses, pair with a classic dish like roasted turkey & mashed potatoes, or exotic flavors like curried seafood. For holiday dessert, Gingerbread cookies are the perfect treat to pair with.


2019 Rosé / Holiday Honey Ham
That sweet, juicy honey ham is a fantastic pairing with our fruity & slightly sweet rosé!


2018 Sangiovese / Roast Duck with Smoked Red Potatoes
The hint of acidity & wood smoke in this red is perfect if you're having this rich, fatty, & flavorful bird for the holidays, along with some smoked potatoes.

2017 Merlot / Spiced Leg of Lamb with Olives, Apricots, & Lemons
This juicy yet bold red is wonderful with a well seasoned, flavorful gamey meat like leg of lamb.

Vintner’s Blend / Roast Pork or BBQ Chicken with Mashed Potatoes
This smokey, lighter red blend is great with the flavors of roasted pork or grilled white meat like BBQ chicken.

Signature Blend / Prime Rib
Prime Rib is the signature holiday dish that needs a signature wine! Our most bold red with that savory, tender, juicy cut of beef is a winning combination! 


2019 “Seaside Sweet” / Shortbread Cookies, or Warm Cardamom Apricots
Pair this sweet, dessert-like wine with something only slightly sweet, like shortbread cookies, or warm apricots with a hint of holiday spice. You can also just drink it as your "liquid dessert."

"Tributo" (Port-style wine) / Chocolate, Pies, or Cheese 
In between a ruby & a tawny, Tributo can be paired with anything from chocolates, desserts like creme brûlée, or pies (especially apple, pumpkin, or cheesecake). Because of its decadence, Tributo is also fantastic by itself. Cheers!

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