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Christmas Holiday Wine Pairings 2021

SPARKLING "Blush" 2020 Rosé Pét-Nat / Sugar Cookies, or Brie Cheese Biscuits A holiday celebration isn't complete without some sparkle! Refreshing & dry, "Blush" is like Champagne! Pop open a bottle before the meal, or sip & snack on sugar cookies to add sweetness, or brie cheese biscuits for a savory appetizer.  WHITES 2019 Gewürztraminer / Gingerbread Cookies, or Roasted Turkey & Mashed Potatoes or Seafood (especially with curry flavor)Slightly sweet, aromatic, with a hint of spice - this white wine will pair with almost everything at your holiday table! For your main courses, pair with a classic dish like roasted turkey & mashed potatoes, or exotic flavors like curried seafood. For holiday dessert, Gingerbread cookies are the perfect treat to pair with. ROSÉ 2019 Rosé / Holiday Honey...

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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings 2021

Not sure which of our wines will pair with your Thanksgiving dinner? Here are some ideas to help you decide!   SPARKLING "Blush" 2020 Rosé Pét-Nat / Fried Turkey, Green Bean Casserole Topped with Fried Onions Start your meal off right with a bottle of bubbly! "Blush" is dry & refreshing, just like Champagne. Sip on its own to celebrate before your meal, or pair with salty or fried foods. The sparkling aspect will cut through fattiness & its dryness pairs nicely with salt. WHITES 2019 Gewürztraminer / Roasted Turkey & Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Creamed Corn, Roasted Carrots or Squash This is the most versatile white wine for Thanksgiving. Aromatic, off-dry, a silky mouthfeel, with hints of lychee. A crowd-pleaser on its own or with...

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St. Patrick's Day Wine Pairings 2021

CORNED BEEF & CABBAGE - 2019 "Bloom" Sparkling White or 2019 GewürztraminerThese are bright, crisp, refreshing white wines that will contrast & cut through the fattiness of the corned beef while highlighting the freshness of the cabbage.SODA BREAD - 2020 "Blush" Sparkling Rosé or 2019 Seaside Sweet Both light & fruity wines, "Blush" will add sparkle to your Soda Bread, while Seaside Sweet is a delicious dessert option.SHEPHERD'S PIE - 2018 Sangiovese or Vintner's BlendThese lighter reds have lively acidity, moderate tannins, & savory notes that will balance the richness of this dish.LAMB STEW - 2019 "Blossom" Sparkling Red or 2017 MerlotThese rustic reds are perfect for the sweetness of the lamb, the earthiness of the vegetables, & the heartiness...

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