In the Puget Sound of Washington State

From our family to yours!

Every aspect of our operation is not only a team effort but a true family affair from start to finish. Together, we travel the state to find the exact grapes we want to use. Together, we process the grapes which result in long days & sleepless nights. Together, we watch all year as our hard work transforms into the final product. Together, we carefully package and label our wine bottle by bottle. Together, we create wine that we can be proud to share with all of you. Cheers!


Steve & Lynda Rants - Cofounders

Scott Rants - Winemaker
Ravynn Rants - Co-Owner

Our passion for wine began in the early 1980's while living in Spain. We had a wonderful experience visiting the local bodegas and tasting the excellent wines and sherries. We loved the art of making wine. Over the years, the highlights of our travels abroad and domestically were the opportunities to visit wineries and getting the chance to talk with the winemakers. By 2001 we started crafting our own wines as a hobby. Unbeknownst to us at the time, our son Scott had been taking notes and during a gap year in Las Vegas after high school, decided winemaking was his passion and career choice. He returned to Washington and entered the wine program at WSU. Our shared passion for winemaking, and possibly opening our own winery someday started to take root.

In the meantime, we continued making wine at home perfecting our technique. After Scott graduated and we all progressed with hands-on experience, a foundation of a business was started. When the time was finally right, Seabeck Cellars LLC was established. The biggest thrill though is sharing our wines with all of you and hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy the art of winemaking.

Scott: After taking a trip to Europe one summer, backpacking with a buddy through various countries including Italy, I became exposed to the subtle intricacies, infinite possibilities, and ever-changing beauty that is wine. A milestone was reached and a new life of love and obsession for wine had begun. Over the years, by way of many jobs and travels, mistakes made and lessons learned, experience was gained and Seabeck Cellars was created. I'm incredibly excited that my journey has led me here. I have strived to create wines worthy of special occasions, for everyday there's a reason to celebrate. Cheers!

Ravynn: I have worked in the guest relations industry for over a decade, including multiple 5-star resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was a Concierge for many years and am a former member of SNHCA (Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association). I did not know anything about wine before meeting Scott, but he has since taught me everything I know now. Although I still have more to learn, I am enjoying the process, the journey, and the adventures it brings us!



Opy - The Wine Dog


Shirley and Ariel

Shirley and Ariel - The Wine Dachshunds